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G.C.R.G. International School is a unit of G.C.R.G. Memorial Trust which is a charitable trust operating various educational institutions under its aegis since 2008 in Lucknow.

The school is located within 50 acre lush green campus of G.C.R.G. Group of Institutions, which also houses many renowned institutions of higher education in the field of Engineering, Management and Medical Sciences within its broad campus.

The school is also supported by a 200 bedded multi speciality hospital with 24 hours availability of Doctors and Medical staff located within the same campus.

G.C.R.G. International School has been established with CBSE Board oriented International standards and state of the art infrastructure.

Every teaching faculty in the school is carefully tested and selected with stringent academic standards and we take great pride in the quality of our teachers.

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Birthdays of Current Month.

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Yogesh Kumar

    Birthday: 14/07/2016

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Rudra Pratap Singh

    Birthday: 28/07/2013

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Aditya Pratap Singh

    Birthday: 26/07/2017

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Nancy Verma

    Birthday: 07/07/2010

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Adarsh Verma

    Birthday: 13/07/2008

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Anand Yadav

    Birthday: 18/07/2016

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Vansh Raj

    Birthday: 14/07/2017

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Anushree Gupta

    Birthday: 18/07/2013

  • CBSE Board Lucknow


    Birthday: 05/07/2013

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Vedanshi Gupta

    Birthday: 08/07/2010

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Anirudh Rawat

    Birthday: 31/07/2017

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Pranjal Tiwari

    Birthday: 09/07/2014

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Agam Singh

    Birthday: 25/07/2016

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Aditya Trivedi

    Birthday: 07/07/2014

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Rudraksh shukla

    Birthday: 20/07/2013

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Rudra Pratap Singh

    Birthday: 28/07/2013

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Arohi Tomar

    Birthday: 25/07/2014

  • CBSE Board Lucknow


    Birthday: 14/07/2012

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Avantika Mishra

    Birthday: 17/07/2018

  • CBSE Board Lucknow


    Birthday: 24/07/2016

  • CBSE Board Lucknow


    Birthday: 07/07/2013

  • CBSE Board Lucknow

    Saury pratap singh

    Birthday: 15/07/2010

School Facilities

School Facilities.

General Facilities

The state-of-the-art building offers everything a modern child education institution must have. We thrive to make learning fun, modern and advanced.

  • Glorious building
  • R.O Drinking Water Facility
  • Mobile-equipped Transport Facility
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • 24 hrs.doctors and medical facility available in school premises.
Academic Facilities
  • Multimedia ready lecture rooms with LCD TV/Interactive Touch Screen Board & Computer
  • Digital Labs : Maths Lab and English language Lab
  • Smart Assessment Labs
  • Computer Centres: Student-Computer 1:1
  • Enriched Library
Extra Curricular Facilities
  • State-of-the–art Auditorium
  • Studios : Art & Craft, Dance & Music
  • Health Care Program Under a full time Doctor
  • Kids Activity World
  • Indoor Sports Complex: Outdoor Sports under experts
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School Life

School Life.

  1. Activities & Competitions

    We offer a rich plethora of activities to students which include activities like Art and Craft, Yoga, Music and Dance. In addition, we conduct activities like debate, quiz, poetry recitation , spellathon, elocution etc, to maintain a balance of all areas of development. Attending and participating in extra -curricular and co curricular activities help children polish their inter-personal skills, communication as well make them team-work ready.

  2. Sports

    Modern sports facilities are a part of the school’s new Curriculum. We have highly trained teachers and expert coaches to support and develop students’ skills in Indoor and Outdoor Sports.

  3. Performing Arts & Visual Arts

    Keeping and promoting the cultural development, the school cultivates and exhibits choreographed dance performances as a part of mandatory activity. Annual Exhibitions are conducted for these creative displays. Simulating these exhibitions cultivate team-work, time management and sharing. Overall, these activities are planned and conducted to assure children learn together and align themselves with the team.

  4. Week Celebrations

    The school has embedded Week Celebrations to keep up with sociological trends like Save the Earth/ My Country: My Pride / Joy of Giving/ Traffic Awareness Week etc. We upkeep students with weekly activities and competitions. The teachers participate to impart knowledge and awareness on these causes. We also arrange ted-talks on these topics. The students are rewarded with Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Participation

  5. Trips

    Field trips are given absolute importance and are a part of academic methodology. We have adopted to expanse methods which are beyond classroom lectures to give students experiential and application-based learning. Trips to Museums, Historical Monuments, Botanical Gardens, Nature Walks are few of the inclusions that students are exposed to along with much larger and well-coordinated trips.

  6. Student Council & Houses

    The School has divided classes I onwards into four houses. Each house is headed by a House Mistress and other House teachers. They are responsible for Discipline and Harmony. We foster students as future leaders, nurturing their leadership skills and making them socially active & responsible citizens of tomorrow. The Student Council is responsible to conduct Daily Morning Assembly and organize various school events and inter house competitions.


Children gain enormous confidence and these are experiences of a lifetime.







Kaleidoscope Of Activities

The central idea behind organizing all these events remains development of cultural understanding.

Environmental Saviours

Gardening is a healthy, fun activity for children.
Children develop new skills and learn about science and nature from growing their own food.


Cancer Awareness

We@GCRG always strive to prepare our students to work for the society ...
In sync with this approach, a cancer awareness program was held and our students did remarkable job in spreading awareness about this disease .


Kitchen Activity

A kitchen is a learning lab for children that can involve all of their senses. While kneading, tossing, pouring, smelling, cutting, and feeling foods they have fun and learn without being aware of it.


Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Resources.

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