Every child is born with a unique gift from god, that can illuminate the darkness and make ours a better world.

Our vision is to help every child find, nurture and realize that hidden gift he/she was born with and achieve their full potential in life, as they were meant to.



At G.C.R.G. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, our mission is simple and straightforward. We don’t believe in preparing the road for our children. We strive to prepare our children for the road. To that end, we:

  • Foster a safe and holistic learning environment that encourages, motivates, and equips our children to pursue the best version of themselves
  • Recognize the importance of nurturing intelligence beyond the traditional IQ, and promote the development of emotional, social, and adversity quotient.
  • Help our children grow into multifaceted individuals who are independent, emotionally resilient, and capable of surviving the inevitable adversities in life.
  • Expose our children to a world beyond academics, including sports and art, and help them imbibe skills and mindsets that would help them survive and succeed in the ever-changing real world.
  • Promote and develop critical values and skills like creativity, innovation, honesty, integrity, empathy, compassion, independence, and self-confidence.
  • Help our children nurture a curious spirit, scientific temperament, and courage to not just challenge the status quo but become true change-leaders in every aspect of their lives.